Tayseer Visa” is a credit card issued by Palestine Islamic Bank, offering customers a convenient credit facility for regular, online purchases and cash withdrawals through POS and ATM machines worldwide connected to the Visa International Network, for which the Bank pays the value of withdrawals and registers it at the expenses of the customer’s card with the customer settling the dues on a monthly installment basis against an annual subscription fee interpolated on monthly basis.

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  • Renewable credit facility up to three times the salary or a maximum of 6000 USD.
  • The ability to make purchases and withdrawals through POS, electronic online shopping and ATM machines worldwide.
  • Monthly installments of 8.33% of each installment until reaching the credit limit per premium at a minimum of 25 USD.
  • No profits or interests on the card’s used and current balance
  • Issuing a monthly statement indicating cash withdrawals and purchase transactions made
  • Notifying the customer with every transaction made via sms message to the registered mobile number.
  • Withdrawing the available balance in the card through Palestine Islamic Bank ATM machines without any interest to a maximum of 500 USD for each transaction.
  • Ability to make online purchases with the card
  • Deducting a fixed monthly interest on the card
  • Opening Current Salary Account
  • Obtaining salary transfer commitment letter
  • Signing the credit card issuance terms and conditions form
  • Serving minimum or not less than a year with the company and a sponsor from within the organization or a sponsor from external accredited institution is needed, or else, serving two years with the company requires no sponsor.
  • Permanent employment is required
  • A rating on returned cheques system
  • Declared value on current dues
  • Declared value on current dues not to exceed 50% of the offered credit card facility
  • Signing the terms and conditions of the credit card issuance form
  • Providing salary transfer and liability commitment letter and no exchange of liabilities prior to the bank’s approval is a must.

A- In the event of sponsor

  • Opening a bank account is required
  • Applying to the procedures and the terms required by the sponsor based on the category the customer falls under.
  • Signing the terms and conditions of the credit card issuance form

B- At the event of nonexistence of a sponsor

  •  Opening a bank account
  •  Depositing 120% of the required amount facility to be blocked as a guarantee in vs. issuing a credit card
  •  Signing the terms and conditions of the credit card issuance form