A finance plan offered by Palestine Islamic Bank to its customers, aiming to facilitate the ownership of commodities and paying monthly installments in-line with the monthly income of the customer on a Murabaha basis and as per the Islamic Sharia Compliance laws & regulations as approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board of Palestine Islamic Bank.

This plan is distinguished by the fact that it meets the expectation of a wide segment of employees in the Palestinian society, respecting each category and its privacy from the governmental segment (civilians and military) and employees of telecom, universities and others, whether customers or non-customers of the bank.

  • Islamic sharia compliance, approved by Sharia Supervisory Board.
  • Affordable and easy monthly installment plan up to 72 months.
  • Beneficiary salary transfer to Palestine Islamic Bank and for employees without salary transfer, the bank offers up to 10,000 USD finance with the guarantee of another employee whose salary is transferred by an accredited party, with one condition that the customer’s commitment /debts do not exceed the maximum of 50% of their monthly income
  • Employees of government sector, civilians and militaries
  • Private sector employees
  • Group employees
  • Employees with non-transferred salaries sponsored by employees with salary transferred to PIB.
  • Those with distinguished salaries who do not transfer their salary to the bank.