The Corporate Social Responsibility policy of The Palestine Islamic Bank is based on engagement with the wider Palestinian community and the belief we hold in our role to spread a culture of Islamic banking, effective engagement & contribution in the development of our economy and community by providing adequate means for human development. Our policy towards society comprises financial support, volunteer work, community engagement within the ranks of our bank employees in order to build and cement the principles and foundations of service within our wider Palestinian community.
The bank allocates 2.5% of its annual profits to support various initiatives, institutes, organizations in the education, health, and charitable sectors particularly those concerned with orphans, seniors, physically challenged individuals, and the less fortunate. 
The bank also gives special attention in support of programs and activities underway in disadvantaged geographical areas, with the express aim to support the bank in achieving its vision for positive and sustainable impact on society. 

The bank does not restrict its contributions to financial support, it also encourages its employees to partake in volunteer activities with the bank dedicating one day at least during the year in which the employees participate in community activities designed to contribute to the building of the community. 

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