Our Savings Account is a form of a deposit on demand for individuals, invested as per Islamic Sharia compliance law, and from which deposits and cash withdrawals are possible while enjoying a yield calculated on the average daily balance with the customer able to take advantage of the fabulous prizes offered by the bank through various savings withdrawals with these deposits invested on absolute venture basis according to Islamic sharia compliance law and regulations.

  • Benefiting from prizes and draws offered by the Bank in various campaigns related to savings
  • Receiving yields calculated on the average daily balance, obtaining credit cards, Tayseer card, or Murabaha by guarantee or bail the amount available in a saving account
  • Receiving personal finance by a guarantee or by bail an amount available in a savings account
  • Sending and receiving money transfers
  • No interests or account management fee deduction is applied
  • Deposits and cash withdrawals with all foreign and local currencies is possible
  • Subscribing to electronic online banking services and SMS, Islami online and Islami mobile services is available
  • Obtaining a debit card
  • Opening more than one sub-account
  • Benefiting from all banking services offered according to the terms of each service.
  • Opening accounts for more than one beneficiary and determining the authorized signatories and stating the validity of the signatures for joint account or  joint signature account.
  • Opening accounts for children under the supervision of the father or mother, or guardian is possible.
  • Client must be 18 years or older.
  • Minors are eligible to open an account in their name under the supervision of their legal guardian until they are of age.
  • Each customer can participate in the bank’s campaigns through one saving account only.