The Pensioners Finance Program is available for government, civil and military employees. The bank considers the privacy and the requirements of this particular sector who wish to obtain financing facilities for various purposes granting the customers financing after transferring their salary and the salary of the sponsors/guarantors with a minimum monthly installment of 30 % from the value of the salary transfer amount under the condition that the liabilities of the beneficiary and the guarantor do not exceed the total of a 100% of the salary.


  • Salary transfer letter of the pensioner and the sponsor/guarantor.
  • If the sponsor/guarantor is retired, the finance is applicable if the salary guarantee for both the beneficiary and sponsor/guarantor is available in addition to the sponsorship permit of the wife, or first and second degree relatives.
  • If the sponsor/guarantor is not retired, and has a first degree relation with the beneficiary, the finance is granted with the salary guarantee of both the sponsor and the beneficiary excluding both the wife’s and the first and second degree relatives’ sponsorship permit.
  • Monthly installment not to exceed 30 % of the value of the salary.
  • Liabilities of the beneficiary and the guarantor not to exceed a 100% of the salary. (Guarantor obligations are calculated based on their share of the premium if the content of the funding is by more than a sponsor) and not to sponsor the beneficiary with more than 2 finance schemes.
  • Calculating a profit rate of 5% on USD, Israeli Shekel and Jordanian Dinar currencies for up to 6 years installment plan.
  • Client's signature and sponsor’s are required to guarantee a year’s worth of the financing for each year and loan bond premium for financing/loan funds exceeding $5,000.