Palestine Islamic Bank instant cash deposit service enables you to deposit cash through the bank’s ATMs that support this service and are available all over the bank’s branches across Palestine. Instant cash deposit service is available 24/7 to deposit cash in a client's account with immediate effect.

  • Deposits are made with banknotes. Coins are rejected outright.
  • The machine rejects damaged, teared or noticeably old banknotes.
  • The maximum daily deposit allowed is 3000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • The number of banknotes inserted and accepted at a time is 50 banknotes only.
  • For inserting more than 50 banknotes, the depositing process should be divided into batches.
  • The thickness of the banknotes inserted and deposited should be smaller than the deposit slot.
  • The ATM machine accepts deposits in the following currencies; Jordanian Dinar, USD and Shekel.
  • The ATM machine accepts the following banknote categories: Jordanian Dinar (20), USD (100), Shekel (50, 100, 200).
  • Cash deposits are not accepted as bundles or tied up but as separate banknotes.
  • Enter the card
  • choose the language
  • Enter the four-digit PIN code
  • Choose from the Deposit option screen
  • Choose the account you will deposit the money into
  • Enter the banknotes
  • Confirm the amount entered
  • Received notification
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