Fees & Commissions



Fee/Commission %

Type of Fee


Max of 7 USD for transfers below 3000 USD


0.05 %max of 50 USD

Transfers received for non-customers and disbursed at the counter

Transfers up to 3000 USD


Transfers issued to bank branches in Palestine

Transfers up to 20000 USD


Transfers above 20000 USD

20 USD

Transfers up to 3000 USD


Transfers issued to branches of other banks in Palestine

Transfers up to 20000 USD


Transfers up to 100 USD

20 USD

Transfers above 100,000 USD

Fees include transfer cost on fax system

Commission doesn’t  exceed 0.05 %

Up to 3000 USD


Transfer issued to other banks outside of Palestine

Up to 20000 USD

20 USD

Up to 100000 USD

70 USD

Any amount exceeding 100000 USD an additional fees and commission on banks issuing and receiving transfer will be added


Commission doesn’t exceed 0.05 %

Additional fees and commission on banks issuing and receiving transfer will be added


Inquiring about a transfer issued to other banks in Palestine

Same as transfer issuing commission fees as a minimum will be applicable


Reconverting incoming transfer between banks

transfer receiving commission fees as a minimum will be applicable

Same commission rate issued to bank transfers and minimum of 15 USD

Amending issued transfer

not to exceed the Bank’s actual expenses in addition to any expenses belonging to the bank’s issuing and receiving money transfers


50 % of the issued transfer + bank transfer fees

Request a refund for the transfer issues


15 USD + bank transfer fees

Money issued the same day


30 USD

Money issuance right



Fee/Commission %

Type of Fee

If the cheque book is less or more than 20 pages 0.35$ per page


Issuing regular cheque book (20 pages )

2 USD commission is charged in addition to printing


Issuing corporate cheque book (20 pages)

Cheque book  delivery cost is applicable

0.5 USD /cheque

Collecting local cheques below 10000 USD or its equivalent

Cheque book  delivery cost is applicable


تحصيل الشيكات المحلية التي تزيد قيمتها عن 10 الاف دولار ولغاية 100 الف دولار

Collecting local cheques exceeding  100000 USD

Cheque book  delivery cost is applicable

15 USD

Collecting local cheques exceeding 50000 to 100000 USD

Cheque book  delivery cost is applicable

10 USD

Collecting local cheques exceeding 100000 USD

purchased and post dated

2Shekel cheque

Collecting cheques drawn on Israeli  banks

Deducted from the cheque issuer.

In case of returned cheque due to insufficient funds. It is prohibited to be its prohibited to be charged on the beneficiary


15 USD

  Bounced cheque due to non-availability of sufficient fund

Deducted from the cheque issuer,

 if the cheque is returned due to signatory discrepancy or unavailability of the initial or missing signature on the correction, and it is prohibited to be charged to the beneficiary


10 USD

Bounced cheque due to technical reasons

On cheques book with serial number sequence

0.5 USD/Cheque


Cheques on hold

On cheque book pages without serial number sequence

5 USD/ Cheque


001 minimum          USD 0.

 from the cheque amount

or its equivalent

Collecting, buying and selling travelers cheque


0.35  USD/cheque

Depositing cheques under collection


0.5 USD / Cheque

Withdrawing cheques under collection


Up to 100000 USD

15 USD/Cheque

Issuing banking cheque

Above 100000 USD

20 USD/cheque


5 USD or its equivalent

Cheque ratification

Delivery and bank commission Is charged

0.001 minimum

from the cheque amount  10 USD

Collecting foreign cheques

25 shekel charges on the intermediary bank

40 shekel/cheque or its equivalent

Foreign bounced cheques (outside Palestine)


Bank Fee

Banking service type

 minimum 0.625%  100$

Opening or canceling letters of credit


Covering letter of credit


Enquiring letter of credit


Converting letter of credit


Changing letter of credit terms

(Incoming or outgoing)


requesting letter of credit certificate


Requesting letter of credit reinforcement


Cancelling letter of credit


Trading documents of letter of credit


Providing documents against the letter of credit

0.625% minimum  50$

Extending letter of credit


Bank Fee

Banking service type

0.625% minimum 50 $

Issuing collection policy


Bank commission

Banking service type

 0.625%   Minimum $100

Accepting guaranteed withdrawal/not guaranteed

0.625%  minimum $100

Postdated  incoming withdrawal


Bank Fee

Banking service type

From 0.02 to 0.04 of guarantee value as a minimum $35or its equivalent

Issuing and extending all type of guarantees

$35 USD or its equivalent

Reinforcing guarantee

$35 USD or its equivalent

Changing guarantee


Bank Fee

Banking service type


Tayseer card, Primary or affiliate card issuance fee 


Tayseer Card renewal fee

10% from the card ceiling credit

Tayseer Card monthly subscription fees

20 USD

Tayseer card replacement issuance fee


Tayseer Card pin number issuance fee

3 USD through banks’ ATMs

3 USD + 2 % from each transaction made through other ATMs



Tayseer Card cash withdrawal fee, considering the minimum fee for each transaction is 500 USD 

15 USD

Tayseer card reclaim fee commission 

15 USD

Tayseer card financial transaction document fee 

2 %

Charging procedures for all international transactions, according to visa international system for facilitating Tayseer cards

20 USD

Tayseer card cancellation fee


Tayseer card damaged or lost card replacement fee

5 USD annually

issuing and renewing ATM card (debit card)

4 USD or its equivalent

Changing ATM card serial code and pin number  

0,35 USD monthly (unlinked to the number of use)

ATM card services

10 USD or its equivalent  

Circular on credit card or wave the detention on  blocked cards  with other banks


0,35 USD monthly

ATM card services

2 USD monthly

untapped the credit card ceiling


Bank Commission

Bank service Type

1 USD/separate account

Primary personal account opening fees


Primary corporate account opening fees


Primary corporate  account reopening fees

2 USD for individuals, 4 USD for corporate companies.

Manage a current account or salary transfer fee

1.5 USD monthly

Inactive account management fees where the account is frozen without movement for a year, with the exception of accounts with profit and commission transactions.


Type of Fee

Bank Fee

Unspent Credit Facility

1% annually

Deferral of one or more payments


Change of guarantor


Cancellation of credit facility after approval and before execution

$5 for individuals

$10 for companies and organizations

Change in terms of facility or Change in collateral



Bank Service

Bank Fee


Bill Collections and Tax Vouchers Collection


Payment at counter

Standing Orders (Recurring)


Paid once per year upon request to fix payment or to modify the payment with the exception of the standing orders concerning payment of credit facilities.

Iron boxes


$50 annually


$75 annually


$120 annually


Telephone/Fax/Swift Mail Fees

At Cost


Coin Deposits Fee


In addition to any costs pertaining to Bank/correspondent banks.

Request History of Account Statement at customer’s request or  disclose account statement to official bodies in English

$0.15 per page

The first 20 movement during the month on the account grants the customer is a free account statement for one time at his request (individuals). Periodic account statements are given to all customers for free every 6 months (twice a year) or upon request or is sent as per the mechanism agreed upon in advance.

Statement of Accounts for a closed account



Photocopying of Cheques or documents


Documents less than a year old.

Issuance of balance sheet, turnover and clearance certificates, for auditors

$5 for individuals





$10 for companies & organizations


Depositing of cash notes not within use


Cost of shipping & sending bank fees are added.

Third-party signature authentication fee through online banking for companies and institutions


Requires prior written consent.

Cash withdrawal at counter


Fee for depositing in Shekel


Charged to all customers except for customers ineligible for an ATM card  including those with a disability (deaf, blind), the illiterate. Exceptions to this fee client withdrawals that exceed the daily limit of ATM card.


The Bank shall collect on all daily deposits in shekel exceeding 100 thousand shekels.


The Bank shall collect on all total monthly deposits that are more than half a million shekels on the condition of not repeating the calculation of deposits that have had fees collected on them within the daily limit.

Fee for depositing at a branch and withdrawing it from another branch and the fee for accepting advice through fax.

0.025% or $10 whichever is less

Charged when amount is deposited in cash in one branch and withdrawn at another branch in the same day. Charged once only.

Depositing of unusable cash  notes.


Cost of shipping & sending bank fees are added.

Fee for accepting deputation of individuals.



Charged to the organization making the donation

Fee for dispensing cash donations and aid as per balance sheets/account statements.


Fee for distribution of inheritance shares


For every share except those inherited by minors

Change to or adding to list of signatories




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