We offer the best financing solutions that help companies to develop their business and increase their ability to achieve their goals

Funds provided by the bank to customers who meet the conditions of small and medium enterprises according to the standards of Palestine Monetary Authority, which are as follows:

  1. The first criterion: customers/company sales not US $ 7 million
  2. The second criterion: number of workers in the enterprise/company not to exceed 25 workers.
  3. The third criterion: the company not to be registered as public listed company (Corporate Controller).

The bank provides finance to SME's with the aim to contribute and support this sector which forms most of the enterprises compared to other sectors in Palestine through buying machines and equipment and financing the working capital through Islamic finance tools such as Murabaha and Mudaraba, Musharaka, Istisna’a, Bay’ Al Manafa, Muszara’a, Mugharasa, Ijarah ended with ownership and others.

Finances made by the Bank for companies or business enterprises which doesn’t undergo SME’s by the workers headcount or sales or registration, these are dealt as companies and offered all the Islamic finance tools such as sales made by Murabaha, Mudarahah, Musharaka, Bay’ Al Manafa, Muzara’a, Mugharasa, Ijarah ended with ownership and others.