Our Current Salary Account allows you to manage your daily financial transactions quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort and giving you access to a range of diverse services such as; depositing, daily cash withdrawals, receiving cheque books, and sending and receiving transfers, in addition to enjoying electronic banking services, IslamiOnline and IslamiMobile and receiving a Tayseer card.

  • Clients must be 18 years old and above
  • Original ID is required
  • Employment letter is required
  • Managing your account from anywhere through online banking service
  • Depositing and cash withdrawal from any of Palestine Islamic Bank’s branches and ATMs.
  • Issuing cheque books in three currencies (Jordanian Dinar, US Dollar, Israeli Shekel)
  • Obtaining Tayseer visa card
  • Obtaining Finance
  • Requesting bank statements through online banking or ATMs
  • Benefitting from SMSs that allows you to be aware of the transactions made on your account
  • Receiving debit card
  • Managing the account through IslamiOnline and IslamiMobile