Islami Online service grant a diverse selection of banking features and services connected to your bank accounts online, within a fast and easy environment that functions 24 hours (around the clock), an environment dedicated to assist you and save you both time and effort, in addition to providing high level of privacy and security,

You can register and benefit from the service by using your ATM card number and the password connected to your account, with no need to fill any application at the bank’s branch.

To register with Islami online, click here.



IslamiOnline allows you to enjoy all banking services offered by our system:

  • Obtaining preferential exchange rates
  • Charge cell phone credit and pay bills for many companies.
  • Transfer money between your accounts.
  • Transfer money to beneficiaries within Palestine Islamic bank and outside.
  • Request a cheques book and follow up the status of issuance.
  • Enquire about postdated cheques ( that have not yet been cashed).
  • Viewing and printing detailed breakdown of the transactions history of the account.
  • Viewing and charging credit card statements
  • Find out locations of the bank’s branches and ATMs
  • Preview all your bank accounts and its extensions