Our Islami online service offers you registration in the Palestine Islamic Bank internet banking service via your account and by using your debit card number providing you with access to a variety of banking services. Services include reviewing your credit cards balance and statement, initiating transfers between your personal bank accounts and other external accounts, contacting your bank through IslamiMail and requesting cheque books, alongside a number of other bank services safely, easily and confidentially.

To register with Islami online, click here.



IslamiOnline allows you to enjoy all banking services offered by our system:

  • Transferring between your accounts and other Palestine Islamic bank accounts in addition to external accounts.
  • Requesting cheque books and following up on your request.
  • Enquire about postdated cheques
  • Viewing banking accounts and subaccounts and active accounts at the bank in addition to the type of open currency by the actual amount and status for each account and the availability of printing these statements.
  • Viewing and printing detailed breakdown of the transaction history of the account or any subdivision if chosen.
  • Viewing credit card statements.
  • Access to a wealth of information about the bank including locations of the bank’s branches and ATMs.
  • Currency exchange rates and updates upon accessing the system.
  • Currency Convertor application.
  • Reviewing and updating your personal data.
  • Contacting the bank through IslamiMail safe mail