The Gold Credit Card is one of our products at Palestine Islamic Bank which facilitates your monetary and purchasing needs. The Gold Card offers you as a trader or dealer a credit facility from 5000 USD and up to 50000 USD. By using the Gold Credit Card of Palestine Islamic Bank, you can enjoy its features and conduct your purchases of goods, products and services through the POSs available all around the world. Furthermore, you can also withdraw the maximum of up to 100% of the card limit.

  • Credit ceiling of minimum 5,000 USD and a maximum of 50,000 USD.
  • Cash withdrawal and purchasing through electronic sites, POS and ATMs available all around the world.
  • One single full payment at the end of each month.
  • No interests or profit fees charges on the used and available balance.
  • Issuing a monthly bank statement of all cash withdrawals and purchases made with the card.
  • SMS notification service to the customer’s registered mobile number upon any transaction made.
  • The possibility of withdrawing the available balance in the card through ATMs of Palestine Islamic bank and ATMs of other banks.

A – For VIPs, traders and businessmen

  • Hold an existing current account with the bank
  • Signing the terms and conditions of the card issuance form
  • Fulfilling cash insurances as per the bank’s policy

B - For private companies (VIPs and those commissioned to apply)

  • Providing the bank with a letter on the corporate’s letterhead attested with the authorized signatories and supreme authorities and with non-specific ceilings, sealed with a stamp. It is obligatory to identify the name of authorized person to receive the card and / or PIN number on behalf of the company or corporate body.
  • Obtaining a new registration certificate and ensuring the validity of the authorized signatories.
  • Signature of the commissionaires on the application and general conditions form.
  • Determine the name of the person in charge to obtain and use the card.
  • In case of death, cards issued under the name of the commissioner will be cancelled.
  • Providing the bank with the board of director’s decision of issuing a visa card for those mentioned names and notify the bank via a mandate to make any payments on the company's account to pay off any liabilities that may arise as per the bank’s restrictions supporting documents and records.