Palestine Islamic Bank and Paltel Sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement To Provide Integrated Technology Solutions (ICT) Services and Web Hosting Services

Palestine Telecommunications Company “Paltel”, listed as one of the Paltel Group companies, and Palestine Islamic Bank have signed a partnership agreement to provide the Bank with integrated technology solutions (ICT) services and a hosting service in “Paltel” data centers.

The agreement was signed between Mr. Imad Al Sadi, PIB General Manager, and Mr. Maan Melhem, General Manager of Palestine Telecommunications Company “Paltel”, at “Paltel” HQ in Al-Bireh on Tuesday, 29/12/2020.

Al-Sadi stressed the importance of technological development and its role in the growth and expansion of the banking sector, noting that this agreement reinforces the Bank’s approach towards providing the best comprehensive banking services intended to meet the renewed needs of its customers through utilizing the integrated technological solutions services that support the continuation of the Bank’s business at all times. Al-Sadi also indicated that this agreement comes in line with the Bank’s strategy for digital transformation aimed at bringing about a qualitative shift in the way customers access their accounts and enjoy various banking services without the need to visit any of the Bank’s branches; thus raising their level of satisfaction with services provided thereof.

However, with regard to the services provided through the agreement, Al-Sadi indicated that this agreement will enable the Bank to enjoy the services of integrated technology solutions ICT in a manner that shall provide the Palestinian citizen with the best banking services while simultaneously ensuring the confidentiality and security of their information thereof.

“We at Paltel recognize the importance of the relationship between the development of information and communication technology and the growth of the business sector, which makes us more interested and willing to keep abreast of everything new in this field; in line with our strategy to attract local and international companies and institutions,” Melhem said. In this context, Melhem indicated that Paltel is continuously investing in the network and establishing data centers that provide services to major Palestinian companies and banks; thus saving them the trouble and cost of establishing their own data centers, due to the presence of advanced data centers in Palestine that have been equipped according to the highest international quality standards.

Melhem further stressed the importance of this agreement, underlining Paltel’s future vision and its direction towards its shift from a company that only provides telecommunications and infrastructure services to one that provides integrated information and technology services. He pointed out that this transition will be possible through continued investment in the Palestinian infrastructure, establishment of more specialized data centers in different regions of the country, and provision of integrated technology solutions services that enable companies to exchange data easily and at high speed from anywhere and at any time without the need to invest in specialized systems and program; thus reducing operational costs.

It is also worth noting that Paltel is the first company that provides integrated ICT solutions services to all Palestinian companies and institutions, in addition to owning advanced data centers in Nablus and Al-Bireh.

Palestine Islamic Bank is considered one of the leading banks in Islamic financial activities and services, whereas it works on investing with an advanced technological perspective compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia; providing its customers with various banking services around the clock through its multiple digital channels, thus providing its customers with a distinguished banking experience.