Palestine Islamic Bank and Palestine Cellular Communications Company Sign a Joint Cooperation Agreement

Palestine Islamic Bank and Palestine Cellular Communications Company signed a joint cooperation agreement to provide Electronic and automatic payment services,these services include reclaiming Mobile Credit through the Bank Account, the agreement was signed at Jawwal headquarters in Ramallah.

The agreement states that it will provide facilitation for Jawwal bills payment through Palestine Islamic Bank electronic channels which includes Online Banking, Mobile Banking, ATMs. Through these channels, the client can inquire on his/her bills and pay them directly from his/her account whether he had a billing service or prepaid service.

Bayan Qasem, General Director Of Palestine Islamic Bank said that: this agreement comes in alliance with the our strategy to develop PIB’s online services, which empowers our position among current and future clients. This all is embodied within PIB vision to ease banking procedures for clients, to be completed with minimum time and effort, in addition to keeping them informed on their accounts anytime and manage their assets efficiently.

He added:"This agreement is a step towards improving customer service through the development of banking services provided to our clients, services and features easy to use and ensure sustainability of service to clients."

Al-Qasem assured that the service will be launched in the near future,stating that the developments our online banking services are witnessing are implemented among a strategic plan adjusted to fit the strategic plans for the years 2017 until 2020. The plan responds to Palestine Monetary Authority vision which aims to reach financial inclusivity. Mr Al-Qasem thanked Jawwal for their cooperation to complete this agreement and how their ability to keep up with fast developments in telecommunications sector,praising their capability to provide unique tech solutions in high standards.

From his end, Mr Abdul-Majid Milhem (General Director Of Jawwal) said: “The agreement comes in a context where we make an effort to keep up with the development to deliver the best services to all Jawwal clients, in order to facilitate to the largest clients base in the Palestinian cellular communications sector which Jawwal holds the biggest chunk of it, services include; automatic billing, prepaid credits and transfer of credits through all bank’s non-traditional channels in a fast and efficient way"

Mr Milhem said “ We share a deep strategic relationship between Jawwal and Palestine Islamic Bank, we seek to complete all agreements that provide the best service to our clients”

It is worth mentioning that Jawwal and the Palestine Islamic Bank have a number of agreements and common services provided to their clients that facilitate the work of Jawwal.The two institutions work in the framework of completing a better economic and social reality for clients while pursuing efficiency and development