For the Second Year in a Row…Palestine Islamic Bank Receives the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance Certificate

Recording a new achievement in Customer Data security, Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) received the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance certificate for the second year in a row.

The Bank earned this certificate after comprehensive examination and scrutiny of all policies, procedures, and security requirements applied by Bank’s staff specialized in the field of payment cards. Sovereign Secure, a specialist security company accredited by the PCI Security Standards Council, audited the Bank’s systems and testified that the Bank had fulfilled all requirements needed to qualify for the certificate. Sovereign Secure praised the Banks’ qualitative development in upgrading its systems and policies during the past year.

Receiving the PCI-DSS certificate is a necessary condition for dealing with major international card-service providers who developed the criteria for awarding the certificate, including protection of cardholder’s information, following secure card procedures and working policies, monitoring related networks and systems using advanced technology, raising Customer awareness on how to protect the confidentiality of their card data, as well as developing sustainable programs to educate bank employees regarding the procedures they should follow to protect themselves and the Bank against risks that may threaten Customers’ data security.

Imad al-Sadi, PIB’s General Manager, stated that receiving this certificate for the second year in a row follows a series of procedures taken to enhance the Customers’ data security over the past two years to help them enjoy banking services safely. According to al-Sadi, such procedures included implementing several technical requirements such as developing and updating all systems related to managing security gaps, protecting cardholders' data, building a separate secure network for card-handling devices, constant monitoring of card payment systems, regular network testing, as well as implementing several additional requirements to secure buildings, offices, and facilities dedicated to data systems.

"In addition to Bank’s efforts and achievements in digital transformation, the Bank intensifies its work to enhance Customers’ Data security,” al-Sadi added, “This is important to avoid the risk of becoming a fraud victim, especially in light of the growing tendency of using electronic channels for banking services."

The mission and vision of PIB revolve around providing comprehensive high quality and modern banking solutions, following the provisions of the Islamic Sharia laws, and investment within an advanced technological perspective. It also sets a deliberate strategy to proceed with the digital transformation process, which resulted in launching pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital contact center, Islami Online, and Islami Mobile, which offer a distinctive package of banking services through an easy and secure environment that enhances the digital experience for its individual and corporate Customers. PIB has also recently won "The Best Islamic Bank Award" and " The Best Digital Bank Award" in Palestine for the year 2021, according to International Business Magazine (INTLBM).