Palestine Islamic Bank Launches The Instant Issuance Service for Debit Cards in Branches

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) launched instant issuance service for debit cards in all its branches and offices nationwide, as part of its efforts to raise the quality of services provided to customers and facilitate the process of obtaining bank cards.

PIB General Manager, Mr. Imad Al-Sadi, said that the bank is keen to provide banking services to its customers swiftly and easily, including instant issuance for its linked cards to the global MasterCard network, with distinctive Palestinian designs. Mr. Imad Al-Sadi, stressed that the PIB continues working on providing its customers with innovative services related to cards while taking advantage of technological advances offered by MasterCard.

This step comes after the bank’s strategic partnership with MasterCard, according to which PIB became a principle member in the MasterCard global network, with the aim of enabling the bank’s customers to benefit from online payments and lifestyle privileges offered by MasterCard around the world.

Moreover, Mr. Imad Al-Sadi, indicated that the PIB’s advanced services in the field of cards dictates a high degree of security; noting in this regard that the bank has recently achieved the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Certification. He added: “this certificate validates the PIB’s efforts to implement the best practices and adherence to international standards in the field of information security.

The debit cards issued by the PIB provide customers with a wide range of advantages, including daily cash withdrawals up to $3,000 and deposits up to $4,500 or their equivalent in other currencies, through the bank’s ATM network. Customers can also subscribe to the PIB’s online services; Islami Online and Islami Mobile, without the need to visit the bank’s branches. In addition, the PIB’s debit cards enables to effectuate purchases through points of sale locally and internationally. Furthermore, it enables customers to complete payment processes easily through contactless payment feature.

The PIB is the leading Islamic financial institution in Palestine with a clear strategic vision in the Sharia-compliant financing and investment arena. It is the first Palestinian bank to offer several innovative Sharia-compliant financial products to its retail and corporate customers. The PIB takes the full advantage of advanced technologies in providing various banking services through its digital channels, which contribute to achieving a distinguished banking experience.