Palestine Islamic Bank Develops 12 Desalination Plants in the Gaza Strip

Within the framework of its Social Responsibility Program, Palestine Islamic Bank has completed the construction of 12 desalination plants in the Gaza Strip; a project which had been carried out over the past few years to include various areas of the Strip wherein citizens suffer from a shortage in potable water.

During this year, PIB has constructed 3 desalination plants in the town of Bani Suhaila, Khan Yunis, while 9 other plants were erected during the past three years in the areas of Beit Lahia, Nuseirat, Abasan Al Kabeerah, Abasan Al Jadidah and Rafah.

PIB’s Acting General Manager Imad Al-Sadi stated that the plants can pump more than 260,000 liters of potable water daily; whereas more than 150,000 citizens who live in the surrounding areas would be able to benefit from it thereof. “These plants will end the daily suffering and hardship of the citizens and will allow them easy access to potable water”, added Al-Sadi.

Al-Sadi also stated that the Bank aims through its social responsibility program to create a sustainable impact in order to serve the interests of the community and strengthen the resilience of the citizens in many of districts that suffering from a deficit of basic services, and This is consistent with the Bank’s efforts, which are exerted to achieve the sustainable development goals, including the provision of clean water, where the United Nations calls for the provision and support of water treatment technologies, in order to face the dwindling quantities of drinking water around the world.

Palestine Islamic Bank was founded in 1995 and operates in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia through the largest Islamic banking network in Palestine, which includes 45 branches and offices and more than 80 ATMs spread nationwide.