Clarification on reported issued related to defects in Palestine Islamic Bank ATMs

Palestine Islamic Bank wishes to clarify that during the update carried out by the provider of the ATM management system to increase and develop the efficiency and quality of its services, a partial malfunction occurred in the system leading to an increase in some withdrawal amounts via ATMs.

Accordingly, the Bank wishes to apologize to its customers for this failure resulting from the update and which was out of the Bank’s control; which did not adversely affect any of its customers who did not make any withdrawals. The Bank confirms that this error has been rectified and quickly addressed and that the ATMs are now working properly without any defect. PIB also wishes to extend their gratitude to the customers who returned the excess amounts which they received due to said defect.

PIB also confirms that the defect did not and will not affect its business and services, or the interests of the depositors and the Bank’s customers, given that what happened was due to a technical error in which PIB is sure will not reoccur in the future.