Palestine Islamic Bank supports Selat Al-Dahir Secondary Girls School

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided support to Selat Al-Dahir Secondary Girls School, in Jenin governorate, in efforts to enhance the sector of education, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

The manager of our branch in Selat Al-Dahir, Mr. Jamil Abu Asab, has visited the school and met its principal Ms. Mujad Attia, were they have discussed the school’s status and needs, confirming that the bank is keen to provide support for the advancement of educational institutions

Ms. Mujad Attia thanked the Bank for its support and concern to provide all means of support to the education sector, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors to enhance the process of education.

The Bank allocates the major share of its corporate social responsibility to support the sectors of education and health, in consideration of their role in achieving sustainable development.

support is not limited in the educational institutions, as the bank also provides assistant to students at the different educational stages, through tuition fees installment programs in consistent with the Islamic Sharia rulings.