Palestine Islamic Bank Sterilizes its Branches and Offices as a Part of Precautionary Measures

Within the framework of taking measures to prevent the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, Palestine Islamic Bank proceeded to conduct a comprehensive sterilization of its branches, offices and facilities in all governorates of the country in order to ensure the safety of its customers, employees and the public; via a company specialized in sterilization and infection control services.

PIB General Manager, Bayan Qassem, said that these measures come as a precaution to protect the Bank’s employees and clients, in compliance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, the Palestinian Monetary Authority and the competent authorities to prevent the spread of the virus, and control it. He also added: “As of the first moment, we have been following all developments in this regard and we will be taking all necessary preventive measures as we consider ourselves partners in these efforts to protect society; whereas the safety of our customers and our employees comes first.”

Moreover, Qassem stressed the importance of customer orientation towards the electronic channels provided by the Bank, which enable them to enjoy various banking services around the clock. Additionally, the Bank had recently raised the ceiling for withdrawals and deposits through ATMs, making withdrawals available up to $3000 and deposits up to $4,500, or their equivalent in other currencies; while referring to the services provided by Islamic Online and Islamic Mobile, which include various banking services, without the need to visit the Bank’s branches.

Furthermore, Qassem emphasized the instructions and directives issued by the government and the monetary authority; stressing the importance of adhering to them and enhancing the state of cohesion and cooperation at all levels, and achieving the integration of roles in order to preserve the safety of all