Palestine Islamic Bank Economically Empowers Cancer Patients

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided training to 60 female cancer patients in order to empower them economically; in partnership with the Palestinian Society for Cancer Care in Gaza.

This project comes within the activities of Pink October for the early detection of breast cancer, in which the Bank and the Society have celebrated via a ceremony held in front of the Nuseirat branch.

The ceremony, held in front of the Nuseirat Branch in Central Gaza Strip, was attended by Adnan Al-Falit, Director of the Gaza District at PIB, a number of the branch managers, and the President of the Palestinian Society for Cancer Care Mr. Rizk Al-Sous, Board Vice-Chairman Jamal Al-Dasht, Executive Director of the Society Ms. Haneen Al-Jadaily, some of the women survivors of cancer, as well as the Society’s staff and volunteers.

Al Falit pointed out that the economic empowerment of women is considered one of the financial aspects in which the Bank seeks to strengthen, stressing PIB’s keenness in supporting the health sector; while noting that the Bank allocates the bulk of its Social Responsibility Program budget to the health and education sectors, due to their direct impact on people’s lives. He also thanked the Palestinian Society for Cancer Care for their unyielding efforts, in this respect.

Moreover, PIB is keen to partner with civil society organizations to better reach the target groups and to achieve a positive and sustainable impact on society.

For her part, Haneen Al-Jedaily, Executive Director of the Society, praised the role of PIB in the economic empowerment of women, and thanked the management of the Bank for their contributions, which she described as imperative.

The ceremony included decorating the facade of the Bank’s branch in Nuseirat with balloons and roses as an expression of the success of the events of Pink October. Additionally, a mural depicting the event and highlighting the importance of cancer awareness and dissemination in the community was painted.