Palestine Islamic Bank and Palestine Polytechnic University Sign an Agreement for the Instalment of Tuition Fees

Palestine Islamic Bank and Palestine Polytechnic University have signed an agreement for the instalment of tuition fees for graduate students in accordance with the “Forward Lease Formula”; through which students will be able to pay tuition fees via bank funding.

The agreement was signed at the University’s headquarters in Hebron by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the University, Ahmed Saeed Al-Tamimi, and Mr. Bayan Qasem, Director General of PIB in the presence of Deputy Director General Imad Al-Saadi, Assem Al-Masri, Assistant Director-General for Development and Planning, Director of the South District Nizar Bali, as well as the Vice-Presidents and assistants to the President of the University in addition to the Director of Finance therein.

Qasem stressed that the Bank attaches great importance to the education sector and supports it through its various programs, in addition to providing funding formulas, approved by the Shari'a Supervisory Board of the Bank, that help students complete their education in various stages of study; through which the students are granted funding for the value of their tuition fees payable in the form of soft Instalments.

Furthermore, Qasem praised the distinguished cooperative relationship between the Bank and the University; noting that this agreement comes within the framework of the Bank’s efforts to enhance joint cooperation between the private sector and educational institutions, especially Palestinian universities, which are considered the main source which provides the Palestinian labor sector with the necessary set of scientific skills and expertise to promote Palestine’s national economy.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Palestine Polytechnic University, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Al-Tamimi, praised PIB and the services in which it provides to the community; whose purpose is to promote the educational process and achieve sustainable development in Palestine.