Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to Qarawat Bani Hassan Basic Girls School

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided support to Qarawat Bani Hassan Girls School in Salfit, in order to provide a suitable learning environment for students therein.

Sobhi Al-Muneer, Manager of Bidya office at PIB, accompanied by Mr. Tamer Rayan, mayor of Qarawat Bani Hassan and Sheikh Abdul Sattar Rayan, Director of the Islamic School, visited the school; where they were received by the school principal and faculty.

PIB’s Social Responsibility Program focuses on the education sector and works to strengthen it by providing said sector with the necessary needs; whether by supporting educational institutions or supporting activities thereof, in order to create an educated generation capable of building and furthering the growth of our nation.

Furthermore, the Bank’s contributions target all Palestinian governorates with a focus on those most in need; while making sure that its interventions have a positive and sustainable impact on beneficiary groups.

For its part, Qarawat Bani Hassan Basic School thanked PIB for their contribution towards the school and for standing by various community-based institutions.