Palestine Islamic Bank and Hebron Municipality Sign an Agreement for Building Numbering

Palestine Islamic Bank and Hebron Municipality signed a cooperation agreement to start the implementation of a building numbering project in the city. The agreement was concluded at the Municipality building in the presence of its Mayor Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh and the Bank’s Southern District Manager, Nizar Bali.

The project aims to assign a postal code or geographic address to each building in the city of Hebron, and provide the roaming services required to make the search for any postal code on the interactive electronic map possible.

PIB’s Social Responsibility Program provides support to a wide range of vital sectors in the community to enable them to better serve the citizen, while ensuring that their contributions have a positive and sustainable impact and added value towards furthering the growth and development of our nation.

The Bank praised Hebron Municipality for the efforts in which it exerts towards serving the citizens. The Bank also expressed its appreciation for the various partnerships concluded with several civil institutions and local authorities, which until last year exceeded 190 institutions and bodies; stressing that their goal is to realize integration between various bodies in order to serve the nation and build the community.

For his part, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, the mayor of Hebron Municipality, explained that the project is intended to improve the services provided to citizens and facilitate communication thereof as well as access to any property within the city; noting that the municipality is launching many applications for smart phones in order to keep pace with modern technology. Abu Sneineh also thanked PIB management for their unyielding cooperation.