Palestine Islamic Bank Makes Donation to Jinan Basic Mixed School

Palestine Islamic Bank made a donation to Jinan Basic Mixed School in Beitunia – Ramallah Governorate, for maintenance of facilities; which included maintenance of the school’s library and cafeteria, and installation of a sunshade and new doors. This maintenance project was carried out under the supervision of the School Buildings Department in the Directorate of Education.

Finalization of maintenance works was celebrated by the Director of Education, Mr. Bassem Erekat, School Principal, Bassima Sawaf, as well as a number of the Directors of Departments in the Directorate, a few teachers and the Mothers' Council; and from the Bank Raiq Omar, the Director of the Central District, Samir Qaraan, Director of Al-Masyoun Branch, Samer Rimawi, Director of Beitunia Office.

PIB expresses great interest in supporting the Education Sector and allocates a large part of its Social Responsibility Program budget thereto; whereas the Bank’s supports of its infrastructure and various activities stems from its belief that education is the most important way to achieve growth and build a prosperous civilization.

Moreover, the Bank provides its support to educational institutions nationwide and ensures that its contributions have a positive and sustainable effect. The Bank’s support is not limited only to material and moral support; whereas the Bank has activated the “Forward Lease” formula, which enables students to receive an education at all levels where tuition fees are paid via instalments.

In his speech, the Director of Education, Mr. Bassem Erekat, thanked the management and staff of PIB for their role and efforts in supporting the educational process, according to the plans envisaged by the Ministry of Education. He also called for further support from the private sector so we can improve the reality of education and schools in Palestine.