Palestine Islamic Bank Makes Donations to a School in Gaza

Palestine Islamic Bank has made a donation to Imam Shafei Basic Boys School in Gaza by providing them with some essentials that are intended to facilitate the educational process for students.

Manager of Al-Nasr Branch, Maher Abu Hussein conducted a visit to the school, where he met with the staff and ensured them of the Bank’s keenness to support education.

PIB allocates a great part of its Social Responsibility Program Budget to support both the education and health sectors; considering its investment in of citizens an important means to achieving growth and building the economy and the nation.

Additionally, the Bank's contributions to the education sector include material, in-kind and moral support; whereas the Bank ensures that its contributions have a positive and sustainable impact on the sector it is targeting.

The Bank also offers a tuition financing program in partnership with a number of national educational institutions covering various levels of educations to enable students to pay their tuition fees in a manner that is commensurate with their family income.