Palestine Islamic Bank and Palestine Polytechnic University Launch an Award for Scientific Research

For the fifth consecutive year, Palestine Islamic Bank in cooperation with Palestine Polytechnic University have launched the “Palestine Islamic Bank Award for Scientific Research, which translates the strategic vision of both institutions to support outstanding scientific research.

The agreement was signed by PIB General Manager, Bayan Qasem and Dr. Imad Al-Khatib, President of Palestine Polytechnic University, at the Bank’s HQ in Ramallah and in the presence of Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, Deputy General Manager of PIB, Rami Taha, Assistant General Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Murad Abu Subeih, Dean of Scientific Research at the Polytechnic University, and a number of managers of departments and divisions from both institutions.

Qasem stressed that PIB’s continuation to sponsor the award for its fifth consecutive year is part of the Bank’s direction to support the education sector in all various forms available; considering the award a step towards enriching scientific research in Palestine.

Qasem also stated that: “Strong nations rely on science and we are here today to try to strengthen our forte by supporting researchers and encouraging them to carry out strong research that meets the needs of society and adds value to humanity”; noting that investment in scientific research will achieve long-term growth in various walks of life.

Moreover, Qasem thanked Palestine Polytechnic University for its great efforts in which it exerts to achieve the Palestine Islamic Bank Award for Scientific Research, through interest conveyed in the management of the award and its polarization of distinctive research and by ensuring their conformity with the conditions of the award and judging the contestants; noting that this comes within the efforts the University in order to develop the scientific research scene in Palestine.

For his part, Dr. Imad Al-Khatib, President of Palestine Polytechnic University, said that this award is a precedent among Palestinian universities; stressing that the award’s value is not only measured by its material value but by its moral value as well, for all parties involved including the university, researchers and the nation.

Al-Khatib explained that a committee was formed from all components of scientific research in Palestinian universities; whereas said committee has set-forth the criteria and conditions for receiving applications to participate in the award and whereas said committee will receive applications and evaluate them and select the winning researches. Al-Khatib also stressed that he has full confidence in the committee’s choices.

Palestine Islamic Bank Award for Scientific Research consists of six categories, and it is granted to the winning researchers in recognition of their efforts and contribution in providing a distinct scientific or technical addition in the framework of one or more scientific research published in refereed journals with a distinguished reputation and high classification, as well as to motivate researchers to conduct further important research achievements intended to serve the Palestinian society.

The first three categories are awarded at the national level; including the “Award of Excellence in Scientific Publications”, which is awarded to the best scientific researcher of significant value and which has been published or accepted for publication in the best specialized renowned scientific journals internationally and globally, or its awarded to the best patent holder of significant value in the development of Palestinian society. The second category is the “Research Excellence Award for Graduate Students”, which is awarded to graduate students and their supervisor who have published (or obtained final acceptance of publication) a research achievement in the best classified and internationally prestigious scientific journals and conferences of significant value in the development of the Palestinian society. The third category is the “Best Applied Research Award”, which is awarded to a member or members of the faculty who carried out the best applied research with a direct impact on the service and the development of society.

The other three categories are granted at the level of Palestine Polytechnic University; including the “Abundance of Scientific Research Award”, which is granted to the owner of the most scientific productions (patents, scientific papers, books, parts of books) published or accepted a final acceptance for publication in the best classified and internationally renowned journals or scientific conferences. The “Research Groups Award” is awarded to the most active research group based on scientific research work and achievements. “Research Excellence Award for Supervisors of Graduation Projects” is awarded to the researcher or faculty member who published (or had a publication accepted) an outstanding research output through his supervision of a graduation project for diploma or bachelor students during the period from 1/1/2019 to 1/11/2020.