Palestine Islamic Bank Honors the Successful Students of “Injaz” in Anabta

Palestine Islamic Bank sponsored a ceremony for honoring students who succeeded “Injaz” program, in Anabta – Tulkarem.

The ceremony was attended by Raed Abd El Haleem, PIB General manager assistant for banking operations, including a number of branch managers of the Northern District.

During the ceremony, Abd El Haleem conveyed the Bank’s pride in the successful students throughout the nation, and wished them a prosperous future while compelling them to exert more efforts towards their education in order to grow and further the growth of their country.

PIB is very keen on meeting the needs of its community through its Social Responsibility Program. In particular, it focuses on the sectors of health and education; an interest which stems from its belief that Building man is the shortest way to build a strong nation capable of meeting challenges.

The Bank also contributes to the development of the educational process through material and moral contributions in support of schools and universities; and through the “Palestine Islamic Bank Award for Scientific Research”, which is launched annually to encourage researchers to enrich the scientific status in Palestine via valuable research. Furthermore, the Bank sets out to transfer the expertise of its staff to students in colleges through various seminars and workshops involving its employees.

Moreover, PIB offers a program to finance tuition fees without any increase to their original cost, in cooperation with a number of national educational institutions covering all stages of education; whereas the program aims to help students obtain an adequate education and help their parents to pay the tuition for educational institutions in a manner proportionate with their income.