“Palestine Islamic Bank” Honors High-Achieving Children of UNRWA Staff in Gaza

Palestine Islamic Bank sponsored a ceremony held for honoring outstanding high school students whose parents are amongst the UNRWA staff in Gaza, whereas the ceremony was organized by the Union of UNRWA Arab Employees in the Gaza Strip.

honoring ceremony held at the University of Palestine was attended by the Manager of Gaza District, Mr. Adnan Al Fleet in addition to a number of branch managers.

Moreover, Al Fleet congratulated students who have passed the tests and wished them a prosperous future, while calling upon them to go through university life and benefiting from it in building their knowledge and skills.

Palestine Islamic bank allocates a major part of the social responsibility budget for supporting the sectors of health and education, whereby the Bank achieves such matter through the partnerships entered with several local institutions and bodies which have expertise in their specialized areas, in order to ensure that the contributions offered by the Bank achieve positive and sustainable impact.

In addition, Palestine Islamic Bank deems its relationship with the Union of UNRWA Arab Employees and the Staff Union Club as an extended strategic partnership which aims at providing better services to the UNRWA staff.