Palestine Islamic Bank Makes a Donation to the Central Blood Bank

Proceeding from its responsibility in supporting the Health Sector, Palestine Islamic Bank made a donation to the Central Blood Bank Division – Ministry of Health, by providing them with water bottles for distribution unto blood donors.

The Division honored PIB during a ceremony held in Ramallah and attended by PIB’s Manager of the Central District, Raik Omar.

The Bank allocates the bulk of the Social Responsibility Program budget to support the health and education sectors and ensures that its contributions have a positive and sustainable impact.

Moreover, PIB has continued its cooperation with the Central Blood Bank given its significance throughout the nation; providing them with the necessary needs intended to ensure adequate provision of services to citizens.

Furthermore, PIB is keen on making in-cash and in-kind donations to the health sector as part of its social commitment towards the environment in which it operates, and due to its conviction that our nation’s strength is derived from the strength of its people.

Whereas PIB owns the biggest Islamic banking services network in Palestine, constituted of 44 branches and offices and more than 80 ATMs distributed nationwide.