Palestine Islamic Bank supports the clean energy system for a school in Jabalia

Palestine Islamic Bank donated panels for solar power generation and batteries, to support the use of a clean energy system, for Rafi’ Elementary School (A) for boys, in Jabalia.

Manager of Jabalia branch, Zakaria Siam, visited the school to meet with and hand over the value of the donation to its principle, Mr. Ashraf Kurd, and Vice Principle, Mr. Suhaib Hamouda.

For his part, PIB General Manager, Bayan Qasem, stated that the Bank’s interest in supporting the education system is one of the strategic objectives of the Social Responsibility Program, towards which a large share of the program’s budget is allocated; noting that one of the Bank’s priorities is conserving and protecting the environment.

Qasem further noted that the Bank has been increasingly relying on clean energy sources to get the energy needed to perform its activities, since 2014. He also added that: “We encourage all of our partners to use clean energy sources in order to provide a better future for our environment and for our children”.

Moreover, Qasem said that the Bank's efforts are diversified in the field of environmental conservation through the provision of a wide range of banking services through electronic windows, thereby reducing the volume of paper transactions resulting from client transactions. Additionally, the Bank has adopted a solar energy system to ensure the operation of alarm systems, computers, lighting and ATMs outside working hours; replacing lighting objects and energy-consuming devices (such as printers and air conditioners) with others of an energy-saving nature. Furthermore, the Bank pumps surplus electricity produced from solar energy in its facilities into the public grid.

It is also worth mentioning that PIB is currently operating 15 branches and offices via the solar energy system; whereas, the average production rate is 1.3 megawatts of electricity per day, which is equivalent to 500 megawatts of electricity per year; thus contributing to the provision of an environment free of carbon dioxide emissions due to the use of energy generated by Conventional fuels.