Palestine Islamic Bank Donates to Aqaba Village – Northern Valleys

Proceeding from its social responsibility, Palestine Islamic Bank has made donations to Aqaba village – northern valleys, to support its athletic and educational activities.

Whereas, Bayan Qassem, PIB General Manager, has stated: “we are very invested in providing a suitable learning environment for our children who are the future of our society”; ensuring that the Bank’s Social Responsibility Program is keen on providing support to all vital sectors, with a special focus on the sectors of health and education.

Qassem further emphasized that the Bank’s interventions are intended to reflect a positive and sustainable developmental affect in line with the objectives and needs of targeted regions and groups. Additionally, Qassem stated that: “our role as a national institution compels us to strengthen the resilience of our people, in the nation’s various governorates, and urges us to provide them with the necessary support to promote socio-economic realities.

Moreover, Qassem indicated the Bank’s interest in providing up-to-date banking services which comply with the principles of Islamic Sharia’ while taking into account the values and norms of our society.

Proceeding form such, PIB’s Director of the Northern District, Khitam Abu Atieh, and Tubas branch Director, Rashed Daraghmeh, have delivered the value of the donation to each of “Aqaba Hope and Unity Club”, for supporting student training; and to “Al-Haq Kindergarten” affiliated to Rural Women’s Development Society, for necessary maintenance and repairs, which is considered the home to more than 200 students of Aqaba village and other surrounding areas.

On his part, Hajj Sami Sadeq, Board Director of Al-Haq Society and General Manager of the Club, has extended his gratitude to PIB for their continued support, emphasizing the depth of the relationship connecting both institutions.