“Palestine Islamic Bank” Donates to Al Ta’amreh Secondary Girls’ School

Palestine Islamic Bank provided cash contributions for the purpose of buying magnetic boards for Al Ta’amreh Secondary Girls’ School at Za’tara village, located in Bethlehem Governorate.

A delegation of the Bank, which included the Manager of Bethlehem Branch, Mr. Ahmad Al Hreimi and the Manager of Dar Salah Office, Mr. Nidal Ayesh, accompanied by the Mayor of Za’tara, Mr. Ali Mheisin, visited Al Ta’amreh Secondary Girls’ School, where they were welcomed by the school principal, Mrs. Sameera Al Shaer and a number of teachers.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Mr. Bayan Qasem affirmed that the education and health sectors receive special attention within the Bank’s social responsibility program, owing to their significance and important role in building a conscious and healthy society. Moreover, Qasem considered the creation of a healthy and adequate environment for the students as an urgent need in order to help future generations in increasing their educational attainment and acquiring scientific and practical skills which enable them to go through life and bear its burdens, while armed with science and knowledge.

Qasem also expressed sincere thanks to the educational staff for their efforts made in equipping our children with knowledge and science, stressing that the influence of teachers extends over generations and leaves an impressive mark among the society.

is worth noting that the Bank, within the framework of facilitating the learning process, has launched “the payment of tuition fee in installments” service through the implementation of “Forward Ijarah” form, which enabled a various number of students to pay their tuition fee in installments within colleges, institutes and universities, the thing which guarantees the continuation of their scientific path.