“Palestine Islamic Bank” Ends the Activities of Banking Week and National Savings Day with an Exceptional Drawing for 10 Prizes for Minor Savings Accounts, at the Value of $500 Each

Palestine Islamic Bank ended the activities of Child and Youth Banking Week and National Savings Day with an exceptional drawing for ten prizes at the value of USD 500 each, for the minor savings accounts.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Bayan Qasem, stated that the focus on raising awareness among youth and children in the aspects of banking and finance is deemed as an investment in future, pointing out that during the Child and Youth Banking Week- launched by Palestine Monetary Authority during the period 17-21 March of this year- the bank conducted visits to dozens of schools, and hosted students and their parents in the bank’s branches and offices spread throughout all governorates, for the purpose of explaining the nature of banking and answering their questions about banking transactions.

Qasem also added: “we strive to instill the value of saving in our children and in order to promote such value, we, on the occasion of National Savings Day, conducted exceptional drawing for ten prizes, at the value of USD 500 each, for the minor savings accounts which have been opened or deposited with an amount of USD 100 within the period of the banking week”, pointing that such event coincided with an awareness campaign of the importance of saving through the bank’s social media platforms.

In addition to that, Qasem affirmed that the bank’s contribution included training and qualifying a number of students to explain some banking topics, such as the Murabahah mechanism, safe deposit boxes and the concept of using technology in financial work (FinTech), whereas such explanation was provided to the trainer’s male and female colleagues who visited the bank’s virtual branches, established by Palestine Monetary Authority in each of Nablus and Gaza.

Qasem also expressed thanks to Palestine Monetary Authority for the considerable and well-realized efforts paid annually in the organization and management of Child and Youth Banking Week’s activities, stressing the importance of such step in the achievement of the financial inclusion strategy.