Palestine Islamic Bank Signs Strategic Partnership Agreements with “Paltel”

Palestine Islamic Bank signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Palestinian Telecommunication Company “Paltel”, in order to connect and link all branches, offices and Automated Teller Machines (ATM) to a main, backup network through the fiber-optic technique, in addition to a group of other agreements which are made to provide integrated technological solutions “ICT” to develop the telecommunication infrastructure, and to enhance its quality and continuity.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Mr. Bayan Qasem, and the General Manager of the Palestinian Telecommunication Company “Paltel”, Mr. Maen Melhem, have signed the agreement at Paltel Business Center in Ramallah City, in the presence of a number of both companies’ department managers.

Qasem stressed that the bank is moving towards digitalization to ensure the customers’ obtainment of banking services in a rapid, efficient and secure manner, referring to the bank’s updating and development of its banking systems in order to provide an adequate service to the public and to provide several electronic services via the internet, mobile phones and social media networks, such as “Islami Online”, “Islami Mobile” and “Islami Auto” services, for the same purpose.

Furthermore, Qasem indicated that such agreement shall enable the bank to link all branches, offices and Automated Teller Machines “ATM” to a main, backup network through the fiber-optic technique, adding “we are proud of the strategic partnership that brings us together with the Telecommunication Company, whereas this partnership shall enable us to provide our customers with the most distinctive services, the thing that is reflected in the customer’s satisfaction and his trust in us.” He also emphasized that they consider the security and confidentiality of information as a top priority, along with providing Premium banking services with international-standard.

On his part, the General Manager of Palestinian Telecommunication Company “Paltel”, Mr. Maen Melhem, demonstrated that the agreement includes providing everything which may be needed by the bank of technological systems and solutions, so that the Palestinian citizen would enjoy the most advanced technological services. Furthermore, such agreement falls within the strategic relationship with Palestine Islamic Bank, which is deemed as one of the most important banks operating in Palestine. This relationship is represented in the exchange of experience and information in order to advance and enhance the technological and electronic services provided by the bank, through the utilization of services provided by “Paltel”, pointing out that “Paltel” is the first company to exclusively sell and provide the services of integrated technological solutions “ICT” to all Palestinian companies and institutions.

It is worth noting that Palestine Islamic Bank has the widest Islamic banking network in Palestine which includes 43 branches and offices and over 79 Automated Teller Machines (ATM) spread all over Palestinian governorates.