Imad Al-Saadi Becomes the Deputy General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank

The board of directors of Palestine Islamic Bank assigned Mr. Imad Al-Saadi as the new Deputy General Manager of the Bank.

His Excellency, Maher Masri, chairman of the board of Palestine Islamic Bank, praised Al-Saadi and his efforts during his work at the Bank, which extended for over 11 years, adding: “Our colleague Imad Al-Saadi, during his work as an Assistant General Manager of distribution network at the Bank, was able to attain numerous achievements that he is thanked for. He played an important role in the development and management of the Bank’s branches and offices, which is considered the largest Islamic banking network in Palestine, which was reflected positively on the Bank’s performance and development.”

Masri considered this assignment as a proof of the great trust that the board of directors exerts in those who are competent at the Bank, and of its interest in development and investment in excelling human capital, assuring that the Bank relies on the internal staff to fill the different leading and operational positions in the Bank, in order to benefit from the accumulating experiences inside the institution.

Masri wished Mr. Imad Al-Saadi success in the new tasks assigned to him, ensuring his belief in Al-Saadi’s ability to continue his excellent performance and cooperation with his colleagues to realize the Bank’s goals and purposes, in a manner that warranties the provision of unique Islamic Banking services to the Bank’s clients, and better performance for the Bank, in addition to realizing the aspirations of investors.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Imad Al-Saadi holds a Master’s degree in financial and banking management from M. S University – India, and a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Al-Saadi started his career in the Palestinian banking sector since 1993, when he started working at the Bank of Palestine. He joined the Palestine Islamic Bank family in 2007 as the Regional Manager of Branches, and then became the Assistant GM of distribution network at the Bank. He is a member of the board of directors of Al-Takaful insurance company, as a representative on behalf of Palestine Islamic Bank.

Moreover, Al-Saadi has previously worked as a lecturer at the Arab American University, and as a lecturer and trainer for banks’ employees at the Palestine Banking Institute.