In the value of 125,000 NIS, Palestine Islamic Bank Celebrates the 12th Winner in “Tawfeer Kareem” Campaign

Palestine Islamic Bank celebrated the 12th winner of the savings campaign “Tawfeer Kareem” at the Bank’s branch in Al-Bireh. The celebration was attended by the Bank’s General Manager, Bayan Qasem, his Assistant for Planning and Development, Asem AlMasri, the manager of the middle area, in addition to a number of department and branches managers, and the chairman of the federation of Palestinian chambers of commerce Mr. Khalil Riziq, and the mayor of Al-Bireh municipality, Mr. Azzam Quraan, in addition to a number of officials and attendees from media and the Bank’s clients.

Qasem congratulated Mr. Muhannad Radi Abdallah, from Al-Bireh Branch, for winning the grand prize in the amount of 125,000 NIS, and extended his congratulations to the eleven previous winners in “Tawfeer Kareem” Campaign who won during 2018. Though the campaign, the Bank gave out 12 monthly prizes, each in the amount of 125,000 NIS in cash, in addition to over 25,000 instant prizes given to clients upon opening new saving accounts, or after feeding their existing accounts with additional amounts. Qasem thanked the winners for the trust they have in Palestine Islamic Bank.

Moreover, Qasem confirmed that the Bank is working on developing its campaigns in order to offer a unique banking experience for its clients, as part of its reinforcement of the financial inclusion policy launched by the Palestinian Monetary Authority, ensuring the Bank’s keenness to excel in offering new banking services and to offer its services through a variety of channels, by increasing its dependency on unconventional channels, such as smart phone applications and computers, in addition to giving its clients the ability to use banking services while using their social media platforms through “Islami Auto” service.

From his side, Mr. Khalil Riziq, the chairman of the federation of Palestinian chambers of commerce praised Palestine Islamic Bank and the role it plays in supporting the national economy, referring to the great advancements that the Bank has accomplished during the previous period.

Mr. Azzam Quraan, the mayor of Al-Bireh municipality, expressed his happiness for the interaction of the different economic organizations with the local society, highlighting the prominent role and the effective contributions of Palestine Islamic bank.