Palestine Islamic Bank, a Key Sponsor for the Seventh Medical Conference

Palestine Islamic Bank took part as a main sponsor to the Seventh Scientific Medical Conference which was organized by Palestine Doctors Association under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas, the event was held at the Convention Palace in Bethlehem last week, and lasted for three days.

Mr. Bayan Qasem, General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank expressed the bank’s interest in health sector and any related matter that can help with developing it and improving its performance, pointing to the constant support the bank gives to the health institution and the effort it puts to enable it to provide a suitable service to Palestinian citizen anywhere.

Qasem considered that the partnership and integration between different sectors is the best way to build a strong and resilient nation, stressing that health care is the most important pillar in human development. He called for more strong and effective partnerships with various components of the health sector in Palestine.

َMr. Qasem praised Palestine Doctors Association’s role and the efforts they make to develop and strengthen the Palestinian health sector, pointing out that PIB considers itself a partner in health sector through services and facilitations provided to doctors or facilitations provided to citizens represented by " health services installment" a unique and modern service in the Palestinian market that grant clients access to medical services they need through convenient and affordable installment without any increases in the price of service at the medical center.

Palestine Islamic Bank had a special section in the conference where it provided presentation for its products and services to participants and an explanation of the forms of Islamic finance that have been activated recently such as “Forward ijarah”.