Palestine Islamic Bank Sponsors the Launch of a Mural in Gaza titled “Our Good is in Our Elders”

Palestine Islamic Bank presented sponsorship to launch a mural under the title “Our Good is in Our Elders”, the launch took place at the Gaza port within a full campaign launched by Al Wafaa Elderly Nursing Home which carried the title “their Righteousness is Our Duty” that aimed to draw attention to the rights of elderly people and the need to provide a dignified life for them.

The mural was painted with the presence of several representative from Palestine Islamic Bank and a huge number of volunteers who helped taking care of the elderly who attended the ceremony where the volunteers made sure to integrate them in the details of the activity that was dedicated to them essentially, in addition to the participation of Al Wafa nursery home management. During the activity, a huge mural was painted in Gaza port featuring elderly people and the importance of taking care of them, the activity witnessed other entertaining activities.

Ms. Doha Al Wazany – Public Relations Manager at Palestine Islamic Bank said that the bank pay special attention to elderly people and work on supporting them and share activities with them in different Palestinian governantes, pointing that PIB have sponsored several Iftar events during Ramadan held at Nursery Homes, the latest of which was held with the residents of the Women Union Society in Al Beireh, Bait Al-Ajdad nursery home in Jericho and the elders nursery home in Nablus.

She pointed out that the Bank is keen to engage employees in such activities for the positive impact on enhancing the spirit of volunteering among them and encouraging them to provide more services to their community. Asserting the Bank's policy through its social responsibility program requires that the support provided has a positive and sustainable impact and leaves a real impact On the affected categories.

Al Wazany extended her sincere thanks to all organizations that takes care of elderly people for the effort they make to look after this category of our community that needs constant support and care, ensuring PIB continued support for elderly care efforts.