Palestine Islamic Bank Make a Donation to “Support Palestine… An Appeal for Gaza Relief” Launched by Taawon beginning of Ramadan

As a response to the relief appeal launched at the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan by Taawon association, an appeal dedicated to support Gaza and provide immediate humanitarian support to our people there, Palestine Islamic Bank granted a donation to support the campaign that carried the title “Support Palestine: An Appeal for Gaza Relief”, launching the appeal came in coincide with the continuous violations and increasing Israeli escalation against the Gaza strip since the start of the peaceful and popular movement two month ago.

The campaign aims to raise funds that meet the basic and urgent needs of medicines and medical consumables, fuel for hospitals and public service facilities, health packages, rechargeable lighting systems and urgent food aid for marginalized groups.

Mr. Bayan Qasem, General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank said that the bank have made a financial contribution in order for tens of families in need to benefit by presenting a weekly food basket that contains fresh vegetables and fruits and eggs, which will be presented everyday during the holy month of Ramadan, pointing that this contribution also extends to benefit small businesses and aim to operate unemployed workers who are out of jobs due to the harsh conditions such categories face in the besieged strip.

Mr.Qasem mention that the indicators of the humanitarian situation in Gaza for the year 2018 which was the target of the campaign can be at least described as catastrophic, more than 65% of the Gaza strip inhabitants live under the poverty line, 60% are suffering from food insecurity, while 40% of the children suffer from Malnutrition and Anemia.

Qasem also pointed that during the month of Ramadan, PIB is implementing an integrated program of volunteer activities and humanitarian support focusing most of its efforts on the Gaza strip, the bank has provided support to more than 2000 family in need through “Tkiyyet Rafah”. In cooperation with local organizations, the bank distributed food coupons, in addition to launching an internal fund raise among the bank’s staff to encourages them to donate a one-day salary for the interest of supporting Gaza, Palestine Islamic Bank have also redirected its annual campaign among staff “Onshour Basma: Eid outfit” for the benefit of children in Gaza.

Qasem extended his thanks to “Taawon” for launching a full campaign in support of our people in the Gaza strip, affirming that the bank’s response to the campaign comes from the strategic partnership between the two institutions which have lived for many years of fruitful efforts, in particular in the Gaza strip, the latest of these efforts was a program for integrating youth with special needs in Gaza in the labor market.

From her end, Dr. Tafida Jarbawi, General Director of Taawon association extended her thanks to Palestine Islamic Bank for initiating the support to the Gaza appeal, also for its continuous support to projects implemented by Taawon. She asserted that the campaign aim to support and help lift some burden off the shoulders of our people in Gaza who have suffered tremendously by providing immediate humanitarian aid of medicine and medical equipment’s, fuel for hospitals and services facilities, in addition to providing food aid during the holy month to marginalized groups, and delivery of health packages and rechargeable lighting systems.

She pointed out that this campaign is part of the permanent and ongoing support implemented by the "Taawon" in the Gaza Strip through its various programs. Dr. Tafida called upon individuals and organizations and the private sector to follow the example of Palestine Islamic Bank by donating to the campaign through the “Taawon” website or by contacting Taawon office in Ramallah.