Palestine Islamic Bank Intensifies its Charitable Efforts in the Gaza Strip During Ramadan

In support of the steadfastness of our people in the Gaza strip which’s enduring one of the most cruel sieges in our current times, where the Gazans are observing the month of Ramadan under harsh circumstances, Palestine Islamic Bank have made a decision to direct any budgets allocated for entertaining Ramadan events dedicated to our staff to be in support of our people in Gaza, these allocations will be routed through local national organizations in order to deliver food parcels and Iftar meals for families in need, the bank consider this step as religious, national and ethical duty that can promote cooperation and interdependence among the various components of our community.

In a statement issued today, Palestine Islamic Bank affirmed the attention it pays to provide help to our people through such initiatives, pointing to the relief and development efforts made through its various programs of social responsibility.

PIB management issued an open call for all its staff members to get involved and interact in all the activities that will take place in the Gaza strip during Ramadan and invited them to participate in any way possible in order to reduce the stress of the difficult conditions experienced by the people of Gaza either through volunteering in delivering aid or by donating a salary of one day in support of the steadfastness of our people in the besieged strip.