Palestine Islamic Bank Grant Support to Educational Institutions in Gaza and Hebron

As part of its corporate social responsibility program for the year 2018, Palestine Islamic Bank have generously offered support to a number of universities, organizations and educational institutions, through these donations the bank have contributed to providing a suitable healthy educational atmosphere, this support comes within the bank's policy to pay special attention to the education sector.

Palestine Islamic Bank’s general manager Mr. Bayan Qasem said: “Our interest in education is a strategic decision the bank have made in the past few years and allocated to it over 45% of its social responsibility budget”. Affirming that the support provided included sponsoring study days, providing schools with their needs of reparation, restoration and rehabilitate of the basic facilities in addition to donating computers, display screens and furniture from the bank's collectibles, pointing that for this stage, the bank have targeted UNRWA schools, especially in the Gaza Strip and public schools that are in most need in the West Bank like Al-Jinan School in Betunia, all comes within the Bank’s policy to achieve the most positive and sustainable impact through its social responsibility program.

Qasem also pointed that PIB specifically allocate the support to schools which are part of Ministry Of Education’s schools of steadfastness and confrontation located south of Hebron, adding that "this project consolidates the Palestinian identity to the owners of the land and increases their clinging to their land in the face of occupation," pointing to a previous contribution of the bank to support the challenge “ 6 " school at Wadi al-Sik area east of Deir Dibwan in Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate and support of Rudaat al-Haq in the village of Aqaba in Tubas governorate which is under threat of destruction and displacement.

Qasem asserted that PIB social responsibility program for the year 2018 is still at an early stage and there will be more programs specifically targeting schools in Jerusalem and will be announced at the right time, noting that the social responsibility budget for the year 2017 have reached 850 million US dollars and included the main vital sectors that touches the citizens lives directly.

Qasem stressed the bank's continuous efforts to meet the needs of the society and to find the most suitable solutions for it, in order to enhance its social role and develop its services and programs through establishing successful partnerships with various governmental and private sectors and social work institutions. .

PIB has contributed to the preparation of a multi-purpose room for Al-Mamouniya Primary Mixed School (A, B), and has provided screens and a projector for the Zaytoun Preparatory School's laboratory, as well as providing part of the winter cover for students in two schools in the Gaza Strip.