As Part of its Social Responsibility Program Palestine Islamic Bank Sponsors Several Community Initiatives

Recently, with the aim of achieving its social responsibility policy, Palestine Islamic Bank provided support to a number of organizations and charities from different specialties. The donations had a special focus on health, educational and charitable sectors, and came in harmony with PIB strategic plan for social responsibility. A plan that aims to provide aid and support for a number of organizations in a way that will have a positive and sustainable impact, bring real change to the targeted groups that receive such support.

Mr. Bayan Qasem, General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank asserted on the attention the Bank and its Board of Directors pay towards strengthening the steadfastness of marginalized areas and its people, he pointed out to donating school bags and stationary for 60 students who attend “Wadi Al-Seiq School” which is also known as “The School Of Confrontation “6””, which is one of the schools established by Palestinian Ministry of Education in the marginalized areas that are threatened of confiscation by Israeli occupation, the school is located to the east of Deir Dibwan.

Mr. Qasem also spoke about providing maintenance services for Al-Haq kindergarten (located at Al-Aqaba area in the Northern Jordan Valley area of Tubas governorate), where in addition to providing maintenance services, PIB provided the artificial grass needed for the kindergarten yards, which allowed the children to play comfortably, safely and away from fear and pressure exercised by Israeli occupation forces due to the militant trainings they carry around the residential areas.

Mr. Qasem said that he considers investing in health sector carries a special weight, since PIB have a deep belief that each and every citizen is entitled to receive health care. He drew attention to PIB sponsorship for “International Day of Disabled Persons” activities that was organized by the Palestinian Special Olympics Organization in Tubas. PIB also provided Air conditioners for some of the facilities at Ain al-Baida secondary mixed school in Tubas.

Mr. Bayan added that despite all the hardships, Palestinian women face, a lot have succeeded in providing strong success models, which put an extra responsibility on the Bank to provide special care and support to women, thus a support was given to Arab Women Union Society in Nablus, where PIB sponsored the rehabilitation of the girls' orphanage house which is part of the Society, the orphanage house was in a bad condition and suffered from cracked walls and mold.

It is worth mentioning that Palestine Islamic Bank allocates more than 45% of its social responsibility budget to support the education and health sectors and pays special attention to the city of Jerusalem, where an annual budget is allocated for the development of infrastructure in the holy city.