Palestine Islamic Bank Launches “Islami Auto” Service The First Self-Help Service Provided Through Facebook by Palestinian Banks

Palestine Islamic Bank launched the self-help service “Islami Auto” thorough its Facebook page, a service that will enable customers to benefit from a range of basic banking services that interest them at any time and from anywhere. The service is considered to be the first of its kind to be provided through the banking sector in Palestine. It has been customized and processed by Palestine Islamic Bank development team.

You can easily access “Islami Auto” by starting a conversation through PIB’s Facebook page, the user can inquire the desired service from the list of services available that appears in a dropdown menu, “Islami Auto” will provide answers to these inquiries automatically.

The service user can log into “IslamiOnline” and activate “Islami Auto” service. After the activation, customers will be able to inquire about the details of their accounts directly. Through this service, customers can identify the location of the nearest PIB branch or ATM machine (which will be determined automatically). The customers can also know the official working hours of a current day, request a balance sheet and the last three transactions were made on their accounts along with credit card balances.

The launch of this service comes in response to the Bank's strategic plan to develop its electronic channels which will contribute to serving PIB clients, the strategy comes with a goal of achieving a strategy of financial inclusion by delivering excellent banking services to customers everywhere.

While PIB seeks to be the pioneer in applying electronic solutions and services, it continues to work with customers to maintain the confidentiality of their information, aiming to encourage them to deal with self-service in a more comprehensive and comfortable manner, and meet their banking needs hassle free and in a timely manner.