We recognize your desire to provide the best education for you, your family and others. Our Education Financing Program is compliant with Islamic sharia and allows you to pay education fees in installments.

  • All tuition fees covered entirely by installments
  • The installments are charged at the same rate as the educational institution except for Graduate Studies
  • The financing program is applicable for all levels of education
  • Installment plans can be for a 12 month term or more depending on the needs of the customer
  • The Education Financing Program is approved by the Shari’a Supervisory Board of the Bank.
  • Students seeking funding through the program must be enrolled with an institution accredited by the bank
  • The program must be guaranteed by the student, a guardian or guarantor who holds an account with the bank (terms and conditions apply)
  • Application forms can be collected from the accredited educational institutions
Governorate  Type of Organization Name
Nablus University An-Najah National University -  Graduate Studies
Nablus School The Holy Quran
Nablus School Arab American School
Salfit University Al Zaytona University of Science & Technology
Salfit  School Al-Masa Driving School
Ramallah School Nour AlHuda School
Ramallah School Mohammed Bin Rashed
Ramallah School Al Zaytoona
Jaricho School Future Pioneers' Model School
Jerusalem University Al- Quds University - First degree + Graduate Studies + Diploma
Hebron University Palestine Polytechnic University - Graduate Studies 
Gaza University University of Palestine - First degree + Diploma
Gaza University Islamic University - First degree + Graduate Studies
Gaza University Al-Isra' University - First degree + Diploma
Gaza University Gaza University - First degree
Gaza University Al Azhar University - First degree + Diploma +Graduate Studies
Gaza College College of Applied Sciences - First degree + Diploma
Gaza College Arab College of Applied Sciences - First degree + Diploma
Gaza College Palestine Technical College - First degree + Diploma
Gaza School Al Mustaqbal Private
Gaza School Ibad El Rahman