OVER 100 - savings campaign 2021

The savings campaign from Palestine Islamic Bank offers 6 major cash prizes for more than 100,000 shekels each, to be drawn every two months. You only need to open or feed your savings account, in order to enter the prizes draw.

Through savings account, which is in the form of on demand deposit for individuals, you may Deposit, withdraw in cash and obtain an ATM card upon request with enjoyment of a return calculated on the average daily balance. Funds are invested in these accounts on the basis of "Mudharabah Mutlaqah" in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shari’a.


  • Approved by the bank’s Shari’a Supervisory Board.
  • The chance to win more than 100,000 shekels in one of the 6 major cash prizes drawn every two months in variables values over 100,000 shekels.
  • Profit Return based on the average daily balance.
  • Benefiting from all banking services provided by the bank, pursuant to the special conditions for each service.
  • Obtaining an ATM card upon request
  • No account management fees are charged

Campaign prizes

  • 6 cash prizes that are drawn every two months, and the winner will be announced through the bank's official website and social media platforms.
  • The prize of each draw will be one of the values below that will be announced prior to the Draw.

 181,000 NIS

 154,000 NIS

 202,000 NIS

 165,000 NIS

 303,000 NIS 

 314,000 NIS

  • draws on the cash prizes will be at the end of these months:
  1. February
  2. April
  3.  June
  4.  August
  5. October
  6.  December



  • Opening a savings account of $ 100 or more or its equivalent in other currencies
  • Each additional deposit of (US $200) or its equivalent in other currencies shall give the customer an additional chance for winning the campaign’s jackpots.
  • Each customer shall be entitled to enter into the campaign through one savings account only.
  • The prize giving will be held in the place determined by the bank, and the bank shall be entitled to publish the winner’s name, take pictures of the winner and to post them on the means of publication adopted by the bank.
  • A list of the accounts eligible for draws as per the campaign’s conditions shall be prepared one working day prior to the date of drawing.
  • Existing customers with savings accounts that comply with campaign terms have the chance to win the draw
  • The account holder shall be 18 years old or above.
  • Minor accounts shall be opened via their legal representative until they reach legal age.
  • Palestine Islamic Bank’s staff, members of Board of Directors, members of Shari’a Supervisory Board and their first-degree relatives shall not be entitled to participate in the campaign’s draws.
  • Cash prizes are subjected to income tax.
  • Subject to the requirements and provisions of the bank and campaign.
  • Campaign is valid until 31/12/2021.

The Winners

Prize Amount Governorate Name 
202,000 NIS  Jenin Abdul Salam Kamal Abu Hajja
154,000 NIS Ramallah  Sanaa Abdel Moneim Abed
 303,000 NIS  Hebron Issa Ismail Nassar
181,000 NIS Qalqilya Mofeed Ibrahim Othman Rayan