Kareem is one of Palestine Islamic Bank saving accounts that comes in the form of deposit on demand for individuals. Through Kareem, you can deposit and withdraw cash while enjoying a return on savings on the average daily balance and are invested on the basis of Mudarabah in accordance with Islamic Shari’a.

. Additionally, you can enjoy the gifts given away with every account and/or new deposit and also the instant discount vouchers, not to mention the importance of you being qualified to receive the monthly prize associated to the account given on a lucky-draw basis.

● Monthly draw for a cash prize worth NIS 125,000, until the end of the year 2018.

● Special instant gift for every deposit of $300 or more for one-time only.

● Discount vouchers for goods and services provided by well-known Palestinian chain suppliers for each cash deposit of $300 or more for one-time only.

● Investing with Karim Savings Account gives the customer generous dividends calculated on the average daily balance.

● Investing with Karim Savings Account allows the customer access to all services provided by the Bank according to the specific conditions of each service.

● To open a Savings Account with $300 or its equivalent in other currencies, or by feeding your current account with 300$ or more.

● Every additional deposit of $200 or its equivalent it in other currencies grants the client an additional opportunity to win the monthly prize.

● The customer can benefit from discount vouchers for a specific period of time which is printed on the voucher and follows the Partner’s terms and policies.

● List of eligible accounts qualifying for the monthly prize is prepared one day before he actual draw date.

● One saving account for each client only

● The prizes are announced in a location determined by the Bank. The bank owns the right to publish the name of the winner and take pictures of him/her, share the pictures through the Bank's approved media outlets.

● Palestine Islamic Bank’s employees, board and management members, including their first degree relatives are not allowed participating in the campaign’s draw.

● Expired vouchers are not accepted at any participating partner store

● Customer must be at least 18 years old.

● For minor’s accounts, it would be through their legal guardian until they reach the legal age.

● Certified from the Bank’s Shari’a Advisory Board.

● Subject to terms and conditions of PIB and its campaigns.

● Prizes are subject to income tax.

● Campaign ends on 31.12.2018