Sponsored by Palestine Islamic Bank: Teachers Union Distribute Class Preparation Notebooks for School Teachers in Gaza

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided sponsorship to print Class Preparation Notebooks for the Teachers in Gaza. This step comes in collaboration with the Teachers Union that started the process of distributing over 13,000 notebooks around the Gaza Strip. Such effort comes in accordance with the Bank’s commitment to social responsibility and their obligation to remain in constant contact with the public.


A ceremony was held at the Ahmad Shawqi School For Girls with the distinguished presence of: Mr. Maher Abu Hussein (PIB Gaza Branch Manager), Mr. Khalid Al-Muzayyan (head of the Teachers Union in the Gaza Strip), Mr. Majid Yassin (head of the Teachers Union office in Gaza city), Mr. Mohammad Abu Al-Roos (secretary of the Union), along with Mr. Ashraf Hirzallah and Fathi Radwan (both are managers of the Gaza Ministry Of Education in East and West Gaza).


In a speech that was delivered by Mr. Maher Abu Hussein PIB Gaza Branch Manager on behalf of the Palestine Islamic Bank General Manager, the role of teachers in Palestine and their tremendous effort they put into raising the new generations was vehemently praised. He stated, “Teachers challenge all the difficulties facing them in order to provide education to our sons and daughters”. Mr. Abu Hussein affirmed that Palestine Islamic Bank is very keen to provide support to the educational sector for its important role in building our country.


Mr. Abu Hussein also pointed out that the Palestine Islamic Bank has assigned 35% of its Social Responsibility Program’s budget to support the Education and Health Sectors. This support included the rehabilitation of a number of schools in Jerusalem, providing support to schools that are in direct confrontation with the Israeli occupation, in addition to providing support in the form of professional and academic supplies for various schools around the country.


In a welcoming speech given by the Union, Mr. Al-Muzayyan praised the efforts made by the Palestine Islamic Bank and the distinctive presence it shows in many forums dedicated to support events aimed at serving important segments of the Palestinian society. He extended his thanks to the Bank for aiding and assisting in the distribution of the “Class Preparation Notebooks” which targeted all of the teachers in the Gaza Strip. He described this support as a sign of loyalty and appreciation to teachers.


In the same context, Mr Hirzallah (director of the Ministry Of Education Office in East Gaza) expressed his happiness and thankfulness to the Palestine Islamic Bank. He said that the Bank has always provided support to the educational sector. Mr Fathi Rudwan (director of Ministry Of Education office in West Gaza), also thanked the Palestine Islamic Bank for its great role in serving all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip and stressed that the achievements of the Bank is visible in most facilities and events in the Gaza Strip.