Palestine Islamic Bank and Al-Azhar University Sign an Agreement regarding the Installment of Tuition Fees

Palestine Islamic Bank and Al-Azhar University signed an agreement regarding the installment of tuition fees for bachelors and diploma programs at the university.

The agreement was signed by the president of Al-Azhar University, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayan, and Mr. Adnan AlFleet Gaza District Manager in PIB; in the presence of a number of the University’s administrative and academic staffs as well as a number of PIB’s branches and offices managers in Gaza.

By This agreement, 100% of the tuition fees for the semester or academic year shall be paid in installments for a 12 month term at the same price announced by the university.

Mr. AlFleet said that our Education Financing Program is compliant with Islamic sharia is intended to help students complete their education by enabling them to facilitate the payment of their tuition fees via installments. He also added that: “We are keen to add more educational institutions to become a part of this program, which includes all levels of education due to the increased numbers of beneficiaries; whereas the program now includes more than 20 educational institutions (universities, colleges and schools).

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayan stated that this agreement is signed at a very crucial time, given the difficult economic conditions in which Palestinian families are suffering from; which adversely affects their ability to pay any kind of tuition fees. He also thanked Palestine Islamic Bank for its pioneering role in finding Islamic banking solutions that serve citizens in various fields, including installment of tuition fees.

Furthermore, during the meeting, they discussed strengthening cooperation between both parties in order to serve the educational process; whereas AlFleet praised the efforts of Al-Azhar University and its long-standing role in graduating competent and qualified scientific cadres.