Palestine Islamic Bank Wins “Best Islamic Banking Services” Award

Palestine Islamic Bank received the “Best Islamic Banking Services Award” presented by the World Union of Arab Bankers for the year 2018; the award expresses the union’s appreciation to the efforts PIB make in order to grant its clients a unique service.

The Award was received by Mr.Bayan Qasem, General Director of Palestine Islamic Bank during a huge ceremony that was held in Beirut recently with the presence of a large number of Banks managers and financial institutions representatives from all over the Arab World.

Qasem said that the excellence in Islamic Banking services presented stems from the strategy that was adopted by PIB board of directors, which fixates on increasing the reliance on technology in the banking services provided, and work on expansion to make sure of its presence close to clients, while providing services and programs that suits client’s needs.

Qasem pointed that the Bank have launched a group of electronic services, like “Islami Online” which enable clients to view their accounts and make transfers between accounts and other beneficiaries accounts both inside and outside the bank, in addition to the bills payment service for several local services companies, and other banking services that are self-served and can be obtained any time with high level of security and confidentiality, he also spoke about “Islami Mobile”, a smartphone App that also supports all the mentioned services along with “Islami Auto” which provides plenty of banking services to clients via Facebook.

Mr. Qasem added that the bank is working on developing its Sharia-compliant banking services and looks for the best and most suitable forms to be presented to the clients so they can benefit from these services. The most recent was the benefit financing service, which enables the bank to provide financing solutions to its clients in the fields of health and education, stressing on the continuity in maintaining a high level of quality in the services provided.

The Award was granted to Palestine Islamic Bank based on a study of its general performance followed by matching it with the standards followed on the Arab and international levels, it’s worth mentioning that‎ World Union of Arab Bankers (WUAB) is the sister organization for the Unions of Arab Banks (UAB), it was founded in 2006 in Casablanca-Morocco as a non-governmental and non-profit organization.