Palestine Islamic Bank and “Filisteen Al-Khair” Present Aid to a Family in Tulkarm

Palestine Islamic Bank, through its cooperation with “Filisteen Al-Khair” Foundation, initiated a home project that aims to provide a family in Tulkarm with income. The family lives in Nour Shams refugee camp (north of Tulkarm), with their two sons, (30 and 25 years old), who both suffer from Cerebral Palsy as a result of illnesses contracted after birth.

PIB along with the “Filisteen Al-Khair” reviewed many charitable cases that deserve help and support, and chose this family. With its donation, PIB has contributed to solving a real dilemma for the family who needs the extra income in order to provide expensive medicine and different medical care that these two young men require, while still maintaining a safe environment for them close to their family.

The Bank assured that the case that was chosen meets PIB’s criteria for its social responsibility program. The main criteria for the program are that the support offered is sustainable and creates positive change with impact on the beneficiary's life. The Bank is actively working on creating effective partnerships with local organizations to provide help for people in need and to develop the vital sectors. This is evident in Palestine Islamic Bank’s commitment to dedicating 45% of PIB’s social responsibility budget to support the health sector, people with special needs and local charities.

It's worth mentioning that this is not the first collaboration between PIB and “Filisteen Al-Khair”. The bank has contributed in the past by donating $25,000 to support the activities of the foundation which believes in the necessity to join efforts to provide a safe and dignified life for Palestinians.

In this case with the family in Tulkarm, PIB and “Filisteen Al-Khair” foundation helped the family start a small shop in their home to sell household appliances, and PIB employees in the Tulkarm branch dedicated a full day to setting up the shop and preparing it for business. In addition to the volunteer labor, PIB staff provided financial advice to the family for opening their first small business, and brought gifts like warm covers and space heaters that the family could use while caring for their sons.

Here’s a link to a TV episode that was broadcasted